It's a show we're making for the Fringe festival. It's sort of a comedy with a few serious moments and there's a really awesome bit with a cellphone and a robot. SHAZAM!

It's about pineapple. Kinda. Also decisions and lisps and trips to the moon and honesty and robots and the dreams and ambitions of a lifelong javelin enthusiast. That's just scratching the surface though, like a kitten with really short claws on a very thick rug. 

It's on at BATS Theatre from the 26th of February to the 2nd of March. We think you should come because you might quite like it. 

Sometimes I Don't Like Yellow was performed at BATS Theatre as part of the 2010 Wellington Fringe Festival. It starred Hannah Banks, Kate Clarkin, Patrick Keenan, Louise Lethbridge, Laura Velvin, Paul Waggott, Sam Woodward, and Elle Wootton. It was directed by Uther Dean.

Sometimes I Don't Like Yellow was made with help from Creative New Zealand by way of the Kakano Fund.