BEST THEATRE - Dunedin Fringe 2013

BEST DESIGN - Wellington Fringe 2013

“Achingly funny” - Capital Times

“Comic genius” -

“Very confusing” - The Dominion Post

2-6 July 2013 - 6.30pm - BATS (Out of Site)

Starring Hannah Banks, Alex Greig and Paul Waggott

Written and directed by Uther Dean
Produced by Hannah Banks
Production and Stage Managed by Nicole Harvey
Poster Designed by Hadley Donaldson

Design Consulting by Meg Rollandi

Wellington | BATS Theatre | 16-20 February | 8pm
Dunedin | Globe Theatre | 20-23 March | 9pm

A play about an ongoing interstellar war.

A play about a retired bounty hunter.

A play about people who don't know they're robots.

A play about kidnap.

A play about the things we run away from.

A play about space.

The Distant Future. The Human/Zorgon Alliance’s Interstellar War against a massive alien empire is winding down after many long space-years. A retired bounty hunter cruises the outer systems. She’s running from something. As many figures from the past come out of the woodwork and her living cargo proves itself much more precious that first presumed, all this bounty hunter and her friends can do is run as far as they can.

But can you ever really out run your past? Especially in space, where even breathing is hard.

A Play About Space is the latest work from the acclaimed Wellington-based theatre company my accomplice. They are Chapman Tripp award winning actor Paul Waggott, award winning writer Uther Dean, and acclaimed actor/producer Hannah Banks.

A Play About Space is every sci-fi film you’ve loved when you were ten. It’s every sci-fi film you’ve loved today. A PLAY ABOUT SPACE is going to be one of the most pants-tightening extreme theatre productions you will see all year.

We promise.