At last the ninety year War of the Nine Veils is over! The seven sections of the state of Supparath must lick their wounds and decide how best to punish the dastardly dark demonlord Krunk! A council is called, a decision is reached, and a fellowship is formed. Now the Seven Sons of Supparath must travel all seven sections to assemble the legendary WINCH OF FATE!

The Seven Sons of Supparath: The Winch of Fate – Part One is the long-awaited stage adaptation of Billiam R. Murrow’s best-selling, culture defining fantasy epic book series. My Accomplice, award-winning local theatre company (WatchEverything is Surrounded by WaterA Play About Space), won the extended bidding war for the adaptation rights (for sale, as by the author’s request, over his dead body). “There is enough story in one comma of Murrow’s writing to fill a whole hour of stage-time,” explained Uther Dean, adaptor and director.

Paul Waggott, local actor and international fantasy nerd, will be playing all the roles in this production in what will no doubt be a virtuoso display of both physical endurance and actorly skill. “Paul was the only man for the job,” says Dean. “He made sure of that.” 10% of the profits from the premiere season of the work will go towards Waggott’s victims.

Waggott is an award winning actor and he has become a well-known face both at Circa Theatre and Bats Theatre after graduating from Victoria University of Wellington in 2010. Waggott will soon be departing back to his home country of England and The Seven Sons of Supparath will be his final performance with My Accomplice. This show is being created by the three original members of My Accomplice to send Paul off with a murderous and adventurous bang!

Written by Uther Dean and Paul Waggott Directed by Hannah Banks and Uther Dean

Sound and Music by Oliver Devlin Graphic Design by Hadley Donaldson