The Rubber Room is where teachers are sent when they can’t be trusted to teach but can’t be fired. An empty classroom. No classes to teach. Nothing. What do you do when your job is to do nothing?

Sophie has been there for four months. Alone. Which explains why she seems to have lost it just a little. Sam’s just turned up. He doesn’t know what he did to get there. At least, that’s what he says.

think of all the fun you’ll find in the rubber room is a darkly comic exploration of what happens to people when they have only time on their hands.

From my accomplice, the company that brought you the critically acclaimed DOORS. WALLS. AND ALSO SILENCE.

Think of all the fun you'll find in the rubber room was performed at BATS Theatre in Wellington in February 2011. It starred Hannah Banks and Paul Waggott, and was written and directed by Uther Dean. Ellen Walsh was the stage manager, William O'Neil helped with the lights, and Thomas Press designed the sound.