All Over, Mate. Literally All Over. - K Begins

Two weeks into rehearsal, JOSEPH K is actually beginning to look like a real show. The cast are even beginning to remember some bits of it. A stumble through of the whole thing on the weekend revealed a lot of things about the whole work. First: It's still onl;y 95 minutes long - though this won't stop the constant 'Should we have an interval?' conversation - which is good, especially because Uther would have bet good money that it would over two hours on first stumble through.

We're going to keep you as up-to-date as we can right here but if that's not enough make sure to keep up with us and our cast at their various social media locations. The company's facebook is here and its twitter is here. Director Uther tweets here, producer/co-director Hannah here, and the cast here, here and here.

A Play About Space!

The Distant Future. The Human/Zorgon Alliance’s Interstellar War against an massive alien empire is winding down after many long space years. A retired bounty hunter cruises the outer systems. She’s running from something. As many figures from the past come out of the wood-work and her living cargo proves itself much more precious that first presumed, all this bounty hunter and her friends can do is run as far as they can.

But can you ever really out run your past? Especially in space, where even breathing is hard.

We made a new play and it's called A Play About Space and if you live (or can get to) Wellington or Dunedin then you can totally see us perform it! We're in Wellington from 16 - 20 Feb, and Dunedin 20 - 23 March.

You can find more details HERE

ALSO, check out this totally sweet poster by local cool dude Hadley Donaldson, A.K.A. Autistk. Hadley has made some of Wellington's raddest gig posters in recent memory so we are pretty excited to be a part of that club: